Below Grade Waterproofing in Irvine

Protect Your Below Grade Areas in Orange County

Many buildings today extend one or more floors below the surface grade level. These below grade areas are functional spaces with uses such as storage, office space, mechanical/electrical rooms, parking, tunnels, crawlspaces, etc. Failed waterproofing at the below grade portion of a building can have lasting and severe financial impacts.

Durability and success of project is a direct result of the installation, design and materials used. With each installation being unique it is imperative to hire a contractor experienced with below grade waterproofing. While many concrete trades include waterproofing in their scope you should only trust an experienced contractor like Orange County Coatings to handle your project. We can provide you with the installation, correct design, products and warranties to back up our excellent work. Some of the areas we specialize in are:

  • Basements walls… not basements
  • Planters & Site Walls
  • Plaza decks & Bridges
  • Lagging walls & Under Slab

Below Grade Water Proofing in Irvine

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