Exploring Some Common Concrete Repair Methods

When your concrete garage floor or driveway becomes damaged, it is extremely important to schedule repairs right away. With concrete restoration services , you can restore the quality and condition of your concrete surfaces. To prevent concrete damage in the first place, you can choose commercial epoxy floor coatings. With the services of a company that offers commercial epoxy floor coatings near Orange County, you can rest assured that your concrete will last for years to come. If your concrete driveway or garage is in need of maintenance, here is a look at some of the common concrete repair methods that will be available to you.

Exploring Some Common Concrete Repair Methods

Epoxy Injection

Epoxy injection is a terrific method for repairing minor cracks or chips in concrete . With epoxy injection, a material that is similar to epoxy floor coating is used to mend any problematic areas in the surface of your concrete. Before this treatment can be applied, the technician must ensure that the surface of the concrete is completely clean and clear of debris. Once the surface has been cleaned, the epoxy injection can be applied.

Routing and Sealing

Routing and sealing is a common repair method for concrete that contains damage over a large area. With routing and sealing, the technician will use a specialized sealant product to cover any large cracks or chips. This type of concrete repair offers terrific durability against water and inclement weather, so you can rest assured that your repair will last for many years to come.


Another method for repairing severely damaged concrete is stitching. With a stitching repair procedure, the technician will drill carefully placed holes along the surface of the concrete. Once the holes have been drilled, they can be used to stabilize staples that are placed along each crack. These staples will hold the damaged concrete in place.