• The Steps of Epoxy Floor Installation

    Garage floor epoxy in Huntington Beach is popular because of its limitless aesthetic possibilities as well as its ability to handle a substantial amount of traffic and weight from both vehicles and humans. The garage floor installation process is not particularly complex and can work wonders for your home. Watch this video for a brief preview of the steps of epoxy floor installation.

    Before your garage floor coating can be applied, you must clean your floor of any stains, residues, or sealers. The floor will then be soaked, rinsed, and dried before you can begin to lay down your epoxy coating. Once these objectives have been completed, you can mix the pigment and the epoxy resin, introduce the catalyst, and apply the material to the garage floor. Another coat may be added after the original coat has been given an adequate amount of time to cure.

  • What Do You Need to Know About Epoxy Floors?

    When you are planning a new garage floor installation, you may want to consider choosing garage floor epoxy. When you install an epoxy coating on your garage floor, you will enjoy a durable and beautiful surface that can withstand both car and foot traffic. After you have decided that an epoxy garage floor is the right choice for your needs, it will be time to set up an installation appointment. A company specializing in garage floor epoxy in Irvine can provide you with top quality installation services. To help you prepare for your flooring installation, here is a look at some important information about epoxy floors.

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    Epoxy floors are made of a mixture of materials. Typically, your new epoxy floor will be composed of a variety of resins and hardeners. Additionally, some epoxy floors are enhanced with sand or vinyl chips. When the epoxy is applied to the surface of the floor, it is in liquid form. Once the liquid epoxy dries, it will create an incredibly durable and long lasting surface.


    The epoxy floor installation process involves several different steps. When you schedule an epoxy floor installation, your technician will begin by cleaning and preparing the surface of your concrete. Next, the liquid epoxy will be carefully spread across the surface of the floor. Some types of epoxy also require special compounds in order to ensure that they cure. Once the epoxy floor has been left to dry overnight, the installation project will be complete.


    There are several different benefits to installing epoxy floors. Since epoxy floors are extremely durable, they will last for many years without experiencing damage or breaking. Epoxy is also completely scratch resistant, making it a good choice for high traffic places. In addition, you can customize your epoxy floor installation with colors and patterns that suit your design theme.