• How Below Grade Waterproofing Works

    If your residential home or commercial building has a basement area that is located below the surface grade, you may want to consider below grade waterproofing services . While below grade areas can be highly functional spaces in any building, these areas are also more susceptible to the dangers of flooding and water damage. By scheduling waterproofing for the below grade areas of your building, you can rest assured that your property and belongings are fully protected from the dangers of water damage.

    How Below Grade Waterproofing Works During the below grade waterproofing process, a contractor will use specialized materials to fully waterproof the walls and floors of your space. A company that offers epoxy coating and commercial epoxy flooring can also assist you with your waterproofing needs. By working with a highly rated Irvine epoxy coating company, you can feel great knowing that your below grade areas are completely waterproof and protected from potential damage.

  • What Is Below Grade Waterproofing?

    basement waterproofing orange county If your home or building extends below the surface grade of your property, you may want to consider a below grade waterproofing service. Areas that are below grade level are more susceptible to flooding and other types of water damage. With below grade waterproofing , your interior spaces will be fully protected from damage that can be caused by water that flows underneath the surface of the ground. Below grade waterproofing is appropriate for a variety of spaces, including basements, bridges, site walls, and slabs. A company that has experience in concrete installation and coating can provide you with expert below grade waterproofing services. When you hire a company specializing in garage floor epoxy in Orange County, you may want to ask about their other services. By scheduling epoxy garage floor coating and epoxy coating for your other concrete surfaces, you can rest assured that your home is protected against the damaging effects of water.