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Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings in Irvine

Renew your garage with an epoxy coating in Orange County!

Transform your plain concrete floor into a beautiful looking, high performance surface. Orange County Coatings is the premier epoxy garage floor installer in Orange and Los Angeles County. Our team of expert installers can have your garage transformed into a work of art in no time. Pulling from our commercial experience, we use only the best products available.

Not only is your floor going to look beautiful, it is going to perform for years to come! We offer a life time guarantee and stand 100% behind our work.

Most homeowners hardly spend any time thinking about their garage floor. However, the floor is what everything in the garage rests on, and is thus a very important part of the home. To ensure that your garage floor looks nice and stays protected from damage, consider installing a sleek epoxy coating. Epoxy is a synthetic material that creates a smooth, shiny surface and provides ample floor protection for home and business owners alike. To learn more about garage floor epoxy coatings, set up an appointment with Orange County Coatings.

Epoxy Coating Applications

Epoxy coating lends itself well to a wide range of floors. Here are just a few common applications of epoxy coating in Orange County.

  • Auto Shops: The average auto shop needs tough floors that stand up to spills and considerable weight. A professionally installed epoxy coating can handle anything that an auto shop can dish out.
  • Residential Garages: Many homeowners choose to take their garage to the next level by installing an epoxy coating. The strong, shiny surface can turn any garage into an elegant and practical work zone.
  • Manufacturing Plants: Epoxy coating isn’t just reserved for garages—all sorts of industrial facilities get these floors installed. Manufacturing plants, warehouses, and laboratories, to name a few. If you run a business that is in dire need of strong floors, epoxy coating may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Choosing an Epoxy Coating for Your Irvine Garage FloorAdvantages of Epoxy Coating

Installing epoxy coating in a garage or industrial space is always an excellent choice. If you’re still hesitant to install an epoxy coating, consider the following benefits.

  • Elegant Appearance: No other type of concrete coating can beat epoxy in terms of appearance. The elegant, shiny surface can impress houseguests and clients alike.
  • Excellent Protection: Epoxy isn’t just for show—it also provides wonderful protection for concrete floors. Once installed, your epoxy coating can take substantial punishment over a period of many years.
  • Low Maintenance: Epoxy coating is seamless, which means there are no cracks in which dirt and debris can collect. Epoxy is also extremely easy to clean—dust and dirt simply glide along the surface.

In the industry, there are typically three different kinds of epoxy coatings systems installed:

  • Water based Epoxy coatings – Slower drying, less costly and lower performing system.
  • 100% solid Epoxy – Excellent in commercial floors but less glossy and yellow over time.
  • Epoxy/Polyaspartic – Top of the line systems with excellent physical properties and lasting beauty.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, long-lasting solution for your space, an epoxy-polyaspartic system is the way to go. While the upfront cost may be more, it can last for many years, maintains its shine and resists staining and hot tire pick up.If you think that your home or business could benefit from a professionally installed epoxy coating, call Orange County Coatings at (714) 630-5333. Once we’re finished with installation, you can expect your new epoxy floor to last for decades. We also offer deck weatherproofing and concrete restoration to our Orange County clients.

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