Tips for Choosing the Right Epoxy Coating

When you are planning an epoxy coating project for your flooring surface, it is important to choose the right epoxy floor coating that best suits your needs. For example, garage floor epoxy is available in a variety of thicknesses and styles that can be customized to meet your requirements for durability, functionality, and beauty. A coating contractor serving Irvine can help you select and install the perfect epoxy coating for your floor. By working with a qualified epoxy coating contractor , you can rest assured that your new floor will be of the highest quality. Read on for some helpful guidelines for choosing the right epoxy floor coating.

Evaluate Your Flooring Surface

The first step of choosing an epoxy floor coating is to evaluate the flooring surface that will receive the epoxy coating. If your concrete floor has any cracks or damage, you may need to have your contractor patch or repair your floors before the coating can be applied. By choosing the right surface preparation, you can ensure that your epoxy floor coating will last for many years.

Consider Performance Requirements

Tips for Choosing the Right Epoxy Coating

Another factor to consider when you are choosing an epoxy coating is the performance requirements that you anticipate for your floor. For example, if your floor will be bearing heavy loads, it is a good idea to choose a thicker coating system. Other performance requirements to consider include chemical exposure, thermal shock, and abrasion. By choosing an epoxy coating that can meet up to these conditions, you are sure to be pleased with your new floor.

Select the Proper Thickness

When you are choosing an epoxy floor coating, it is also highly important that you select a coating that is the proper thickness for your needs. A thin film coating will be up to 10 mils thick, whereas a high build coating will be up to 30 mils thick. Your coating contractor can help you with your epoxy coating selection.